Monika Keiler was born 1979 in Munich and currently lives in Berlin.

She studied photography at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and finished with diploma in 2008.

She worked as an assistant to Martin Schoeller 2006 in New York and to­­­­­ Arno Fischer 2010/2011 in Berlin.

She took part in the masterclass of Arno Fischer 2009 and in the postgraduate class of Ute Mahler and Robert Lyons from

2010 to 2013 at ­­­Ostkreuzschule in Berlin.

She is working for various publications and clients such as Chrismon, Greenpeace Magazin, Heinrich Böll Stiftung,

Jetzt Magazin, Missy Magazin, Neon, Nido, SZ Magazin, Zeit etc.


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